Bustronome: A Moving Gourmet Experience in London Honest Review

My husband and I recently tried the unique dining concept of Bustronome – a gourmet restaurant aboard a touring double-decker bus in London.

We were intrigued by the idea of fine dining combined with sightseeing and booked their 6-course tasting menu with the optional wine pairing.

From the start, Bustronome delivered on the promise of mixing cuisine and culture. As we boarded, our host showed us to our table upstairs which afforded good views out the panoramic windows.


Soon we were gliding through London taking in views of Big Ben, the London Eye, and other iconic landmarks while going through an elaborate menu.

The food itself was hit or miss. The highlights for me were the creative dishes like Roasted Aubergine salad and Tuna Tartar. Others like Pan Seared Salmon and Rack of Lamb were too flat for my taste, I love my spices.

Desert was good, I liked the presentation.

There was good coordination between the timing of the dishes and the key sites we were passing outside.

While not every dish wowed me, I thoroughly enjoyed the unique Bustronome experience. The wine pairings were excellent, highlighting food-friendly English white and red blends.

Service was attentive even as the bus navigated narrow city streets. And the ever-changing urban scenery made for a more engaging setting than your typical stationary restaurant.

Overall, I would recommend Bustronome for the novel experience. The execution of the cuisine was uneven, but the inspired concept behind a moving gourmet bus restaurant more than made up for any shortcomings.

It’s a memorable way to see London through a culinary lens. So if you’re looking for a truly unique dining adventure in London, give Bustronome a try!


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