The Immersive World of Outernet

The Immersive World of Outernet London

Now Building, Tottenham Court Road, London
Now Building, Tottenham Court Road, London

Outernet London is an innovative entertainment district using technology to make art, culture, and experiences come alive in breathtaking new ways.

This hub of immersive experiences uses high-tech projectors, spatial sound, haptic floors, interactive sensors, and cutting-edge lighting to blur the lines between the physical and digital.

Experience extraordinary broadcast content, live events, brand launches, product drops, celebrity endorsements, and a world-class program of art exhibitions.
Experience extraordinary broadcast content, live events, brand launches, product drops, celebrity endorsements, and a world-class program of art exhibitions.

Some of their offerings let you walk through art exhibits in 3D space, interact with musical light sculptures, dine with customized visuals and scents, or attend a comedy show performed all around you.

Outernet is pushing creative boundaries, letting people engage with entertainment in new multisensory ways. Their team continually dreams up innovative experiences that offer perspective shifts alongside fun.

Londoners don’t have to travel far to step inside incredibly detailed, interactively responsive worlds. Outernet brings them right to the heart of the city, blending community connection with arts, culture, and memorable moments worth sharing. It’s a glimpse into a future where technology transforms imagination into reality.

Immersive Butterfly Trail Experience

I recently had the chance to explore their butterfly trail – a free immersive experience transporting you into a tropical paradise filled with hundreds of exotic butterflies from around the world. It gave me a taste of what makes Outernet so special.

While some offerings like the butterfly trail are free, most aim to make art and culture vividly immersive through the imaginative use of technology. I will definitely go back, and I will gladly pay for the experience.

This is me at the Butterfly trail, Now Building

Outernet also provides subscription passes giving access to a rotating selection of high-tech experiences starting at £40 per month.

The technology that powers these experiences is multi-faceted

It’s high-resolution projectors and 360-degree screens create detailed visuals that surround you.

Spatial sound systems make you feel like you’re inside the action. Audio seems to come from all directions.

Haptic technology like floor vibrations and tactile surfaces lets you physically experience the events.

Interactive sensors track body motions and gestures, allowing virtual elements to respond in real-time.

Cutting-edge lighting adapts colors and effects to complement the experience.

All that technology aids in the experience. Where you can interact with musical light sculptures and visualizations. High-tech sensors allow the lights to respond to your movement.

Multi-sensory dining experience where your meal interacts with custom visuals and scents. Food tastes differently when all your senses are engaged.

The combination of these technologies allows Outernet to craft deeply immersive worlds that come to life around you.

Last but not least!

Some details on upcoming paid events and experiences

 Immersive Comedy Show (starts at £15 per ticket) – Experience a comedy show in 360 degrees with comedians performing all around you and visual effects enhancing the jokes.

 Music Festival Pop-Up (tickets from £20) – A digital music festival with 3D projected stages and live performances from top artists. Dance with an avatar crowd.

Wonderland: An Immersive Experience (tickets from £27) – Step into a futuristic wonderland filled with illusions, mazes, augmented reality effects, and moments of mystery.

Garden of Earthly Delights (exhibit tickets £18) – An immersive recreation of the surreal artwork by Hieronymus Bosch. His fanciful world comes to life.

Alternate History Experience (tickets from £22) – A “time travel” adventure where you journey to alternate histories and solve challenges. Educational and thrilling.

Upcoming shows and exhibits change frequently. Check out their website here

It’s an opportunity to take a peek into the future of how technology will transform arts, culture, and community.

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